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Pole Art Online

Pole dance will change your life. Let me show you how...

One of the biggest struggles for most pole dancers I work with is finding the motivation and the inspiration to work out in their home space.

That's why I have taken the two decades of my fitness and pole knowledge and created courses that maximize your training time. You not only get results faster, but you also have a community to help support you on your journey.

Start Feeling Your Best

These courses are specifically tailored to optimize your training:

  • Get strong for pole dance!

  • Increase your mobility to level up your pole training!!

  • Gain full body flexibility for those bendy moves!

  • Feel empowered and connected: mind, body, and soul


    Pole fitness and dance has taken thousands of our students from unsure to confident, from feeling lethargic to having boundless energy and inspiration - not just for pole, but for life. It will change how you see yourself and in turn, how others see you.

    The Pole Art Online is different from other pole programs in that we believe in a unique methodology that helps you to understand who you are now and who you want to become. 

    Each class asks you to:

  • Find your focus so you can be present in your body, 

  • Give yourself compassion so you can learn without judgment

  • Start where you are today so you can move intelligently to gain strength and mobility, 

  • Learn and master the basics so you have a strong foundation

  • Build on top of the basics so you can create seamless combos that look effortless

  • The Pole Art Online offers unique classes, workshops with guest coaches, trick labs, and pole jams!

    TWO ways to purchase classes at the Pole Art Online:

    Not sure where to start?

    This is your place to help you stay on track with your Personal Pole & Fitness Plan! You get a 30-minute private call with Myss Angie to discover what your goals are, how to plan for that, and a customized dashboard with videos and weekly check-ins to keep you on track. Email [email protected] to book yours! Or CLICK HERE



    SHOP THE LIBRARY for workshops, classes, and class series. CLICK HERE



    We thrive on each otherโ€™s successes. Make sure you share your journey in the Pole Art Online group page so we can cheer you on. I cannot wait to see how you grow and what shapes your body gravitates toward..



    Myss Angie and the Pole Art Online Team